Aug 30, 2012

Review:Yakuza Hunters 2 - 2010

Yakuza Hunters 2
Aka: Yakuza Hunters: The Revenge Duel in Hell
Director Shinichi Okuda

Three years after the final battle of the first film Asami comes to town. There are a lot of injustices and it’s ruled by a Yakuza gang, they´re planning to build a casino on the spot so everyone else has to leave. Those who refuse are tortured and killed by the Yakuza. Asami stands in the way to get the last few people to move and the Yakuza plays their final card – the summit Akira – a beautiful assassin who seems unbeatable. But Asami trains for the task and the final battle is soon upon her.

You can´t argue with the fact that this film doesn’t have much in common with the first. This isn’t a girl-gang movie at all like the first was. There isn’t nearly the same amount of action and gruesome scenes in it either. The story is simpler and it’s rather slow paced. Oh, and it’s far more enjoyable than the first one!

The reason for this is partly that I can understand the drama in this one. It’s not as strange as the first one and I think it works better actor wise. It´s a slow build-up for the final scenes and as the movie itself is about 70 minutes you never get bored. Sure, there are a few clichés along the way but what the heck – this is entertainment!

I can’t really figure out the logic in making a sequel like this (or a sequel to the first film at all really) but I guess it’s possible to ignore all the events in the first movie and just see this as a totally different story. That’s the way it works for me! I see this as a standalone film, as I usually do with remakes and sequels. It´s a good way of letting the movies own qualities been seen rather than some imaginative comparisons.

There are some cool action sequences in it but for the most part it’s just a feel-good film for me. I can watch it with a smile on my face and not worry about any holes in the plot or anything else that might have disturbed me with a more complex idea of the sequel.

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