Aug 31, 2012

Review: Insidious - 2010

According to me James Wan is a true talent! I haven’t seen all the movies he’s directed, and certainly not the early shorts and stuff, but out of those I have seen he has about 100% successful films in his portfolio. He’s a master of suspense and seems to know exactly what the audience is thinking and then doing the opposite. In this one he shows us “the monster” in broad daylight just because we aren’t used to it. He thinks outside the box to find solutions others don’t seem to think about at all. I’m always surprised when I see a film of him! He has gone from making the first episode in the Saw franchise to Dead Silence (I never saw Death Sentence) to this one and all of them are frightening and very inventive story wise. The acting is top notch and they’re very tense when it comes to deliver the story. You should expect the unexpected and even then you will be surprised!


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