Aug 30, 2012

Review: Cut - 2000

There’s a low budget horror movie being made. At least until the film’s director get killed. She’s murdered on the set and the actor playing the killer also dies. After this the film seems to be cursed and every time someone tries to finish it someone dies. Now a group of students are about to give it another try. They convince the original films star to once again appear in the film and goes to the original location for their completion shots. It doesn’t take too long before people starts to die… Writing the above made me think a bit of A Return to Horror High even if the comparison is truly unjust. I also get vibes from one of the Urban Legend films, can’t remember which though, probably the second one. I think this is supposed to be silly though, it’s a comedy first and a horror/thriller after that. It works but it’s no masterpiece. Kylie Minogue is in it and that’s about as fun as it gets. Yeah, and Molly Ringwald does a real diva bitching part too!


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