Dec 3, 2014

Le Fear II: Le Sequel – 2014 – not an usually obscure horror flick

Normally when I claim that a film doesn’t suit everyone it’s usually an obscure horror flick or extreme low budget. This is not the case here. I don’t know for sure about the budget and I don’t think it’s a lot but it’s not a shoestring budget either. The acting is quite good and it’s a very funny comedy in my book. It’s about a director trying to get a horror movie done. The obstacles he has to surpass is very odd ones to say the least. He tries very hard to make a great movie but everyone else in the production seems to be total amateurs when it comes to filmmaking. There’s not much going his way.

He’s on the verge on frustration most of the time and it’s actually very entertaining to take part of his anguish (I know, I’m a terrible person). There’s really not much more to tell. The detailed information that I could write down would spoil the experience for you I think. It’s a very thought through production even if it’s an indiefilm. Perhaps it’s just because it’s indie? I often find that indies and low budget movies are more inventive that major Hollywood blockbusters. They’re certainly more creative. But that’s basically the same thing isn’t it?

I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece but nowadays few movies seem to be. I think I’ve seen too much in the last couple of years to really appreciate the finer things. I only watch really great movies a couple of times a year. Of course I always keep my hopes up. This one was different enough to be worth the watch.


Nov 21, 2014

Berenice – 2014 – Based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe

This is a story that originates from Edgar Allen Poe. As such I had high hopes for it but it turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. The story itself is gruesome enough but I find the acting lacking a bit against the usual standards in Jeremiah Kipps films. It’s interesting that it revolves around mental illness I some sort though. I love movies like that. However I think this suffers a bit too much from being too short. As this is the third Jeremiah Kipp short I’ve written about in a short while I see a pattern. I want them longer, but still as intense as they are now. I don’t know if that’s even possible but I can dream can’t I?

This short is included in an anthology that’s out on the market right now. I haven’t seen the other segments but you might want to check it out. It’s called Creepers, a fitting name don’t you think?


Nov 20, 2014

Painkiller – 2014 – a truly gruesome little piece!

It’s not often movies really give me the creeps but this one do! The story revolves around two scientists that try to create the ultimate painkiller. It’s an organic organism really and it’s inserted into the test subject’s body. It attaches itself on the spinal core with the idea to absorb all pain the person feels. Sounds good if not even great in theory doesn’t it? Well of course it goes wrong and the organism integrates with the person and requires pain to continue living. And if this painkiller doesn’t receive enough pain the person dies ultimately.

It’s truly gruesome piece which indeed shocks me. I can’t take it when people gets inflicted with more and more pain and actually enjoys it. When it’s, in fact, is imperative for their very existence.

Just as TheMinions, also directed by JeremiahKipp, I wish this was a feature film. It would have been interesting to see how it would hold up over a bit longer time than just 15 minutes. I’m not if I could take it! It’s not that it’s a very gory film and that might be the strength about it. Less is so often more. That doesn’t mean it’s totally without gory effects either. If you’re into August Underground Mordum you might be disappointed but if you’re just after the discomfort this film brings you, it should hit the spot!


Nov 18, 2014

The Minions – 2014 – A new short from Jeremiah Kipp

I’m Jeremiah Kips greatest fan! I guess I’m not but for the time being lets pretends that it’s so. I admire his way of taking a very simple setting and make it very suspenseful. That is a great talent and he clearly makes use of it in this short. There doesn’t even have to be much of a plot, most of it is mysterious in this one. It’s still very suspenseful and you can’t wait ‘til you se what really going on. Of course this comes as a surprise of sorts in the end.

Most of this short is told in past tense but what really happened is hidden from us. We can only guess. For me it was somewhat of a surprise to watch the end. I had not expected that ending. I knew something was coming, a twist of some kind, but not exactly what. The only thing wrong with it really is that in IS a short. I would have liked this to be a feature film. That would have been amazing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very rewarding film!


Nov 9, 2014

Infliction – 2013 – not just another found footage flick!

If you thought that this was just another found footage flick, you thought wrong. Sure, it has some flaws, but it certainly has a story to back up the concept. It may not be visible at first but soon you realize that the two brothers, who record they’re killing spree, has a grand motif. They don’t record their bloody deeds just for our amusement. In the description of the movie we’re told that director Jack Thomas Smith just showing us genuine recordings of the two brothers’ tapes. It would be tempting to believe that’s the truth but I don’t but it. At most, this is a story based on real events but I don’t know if even that is true.

Anyway, we get to follow the two brothers when the break in to a victims house after another. At first it seems just random but soon you realize that they have a real agenda and a goal with what they’re doing. I could describe it for you but I don’t think I won’t. It’ll take some of the suspense away from the experience. Let’s just say it has something to do with their upbringing to do. There are clear morals told here and there and what is right and wrong is sometimes somewhat debatable. What about vengeance? Is that excusable if it comes to punish those who did you wrong in the past?

At times it’s a really bloody experience but I think you should look past the blood and focus on the morals that are told. There are doubts among the brothers if what they’re doing is really right. But in the end it’s justifiable by they’re pasts. That’s one way of looking at it anyway. You might find another answer for yourself when you see it. In short, it’s about a tragic upbringing and what lies beneath.

I really like the idea as it’s a subject that lies close to my heart. There may not be the best the actors around, not from the victims anyway. But I can live with that. I would have preferred it if they could show fear on a higher lever for instance. But I’ll settle for less when the story has such a depth.


Oct 26, 2014

Bounty – 2014 – Adorable coming of age film

I won’t bore you again with how difficult it is to write reviews on shorts. But then again, I just did, didn’t I? The truth is that even if this is a 22 minute film it still has a lot of content. Many short movies have a scene or two in them and that’s all it is to it. Everything is very compressed and a lot of this has to happen in a short amount of time. I never get that feeling here. It’s better paced that many of the feature films I see every week. The story may not be vast but it’s still enough for it to work.

Tako, is a black kid. He’s adopted by a lesbian couple and raised accordingly. Some of the other kids call him bounty, because he’s brown on the outside and white on the inside. Tako hates it and wants to blend in with the other kids. He claims that his father is a well known artist, a rapper called “dirty man”. That’s not true of course but it gives the other kids something else to pick on him for. They need to show him how to behave “proper”.

I think the film tries to teach us right and wrong and I think it does a fine job doing it. There are morals in the story which should appeal to all of those who preaches about finding your “inner peace”. It’s not about what other think of you. What’s important is what you think of yourself, if you’re true to your “inner peace”. I think there’s a lot of kids out there trying to be someone that they’re not just to impressed their friends. But I say that real friends encourage you to find yourself and accept you for who you are, not anything you pretend to be.

As I said, it’s 22 minutes but it’s rich when it comes to emotions and I really liked the morals of it. This film is needed. Everyone should see it!


Oct 24, 2014

The Gays – 2014 – an exercise in poor taste!

If the tagline ”an exercise in poor taste” weren’t taken by John Waters Pink Flamingos already it would have suited this film just fine! I say that with the best of intentions since I like this film very much. If you’re low or have a troublesome mind this will surely cheer you right up. I don’t think there’s a single serious moment to be found anywhere.

Still, it might be the most political incorrect film I ever saw. It’s not as revolting as Sprski Film for instance, but this is a comedy after all. I think there’s just about every prejudice towards gay men you can think of to be found here. This may not appeal to everyone but I really liked the humor of it. I guess you might be offended if you are gay yourself and think that the film is displaying serious thoughts on gay relationships. I don’t think that’s the case but I do think it mirrors some of the anti-gay homophobic movements out there.

There’s not a whole lot of plot to tell here. The most of the film is made like skits with a conversation in a bar to glue things together. The acting is quite solid and I was a bit surprised by that. It’s still like the characters are caricatures of themselves but it's made in a nice way. There really wouldn’t be any other way of doing it. It works just fine and it’s immensely entertaining!

Even though there’s not much of a plot, there are still characters to take into consideration. We get to follow a family who, shall we say, has a very different view of relationships and sexuality. It makes no difference if it's homo- or heterosexual really. It would be equally twisted. In short, they teach their children that they always should take advantage of their friends’ rectums and never turn down an opportunity to perform oral sex on handsome men. There’s much more to it of course but I won’t give away it all. You’ll have to make do with those small samples.

The imagery is also quite explicit. Taking the topic in consideration it could have gone further in some cases, but not without making it pornographic. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing pornographic about this film, but if it were, it would have been a gay porn comedy! I’m glad it isn’t just that though as I usually don’t enjoy gay sex in films, pornographic or not. But there is some full frontal nudity and there are a few penises to be seen. They’re mostly none erected but might be semi erected on a couple of occasions. If you have a problem with that, maybe you should not see this film. But on the other hand, if you’re offended by this movie maybe you should see it!


Aug 9, 2014

Found – 2012 – Bloody and violent!

This is a fairly violent and bloody movie, but it’s not a horror movie in essence. That’s my opinion anyway and I’ll tell you why. There’s a serious message to be told here and it’s done by letting us watching youngsters watching horror moves. Very violent horror movies I might add.

The essence in my book is about exclusion though. We have this kid, Marty, that gets bullied in school that finally fights back and is made the bad guys for it. Ok, I don’t agree with violence but there is only so much you can take. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to apologize for standing up for your rights. Kids might be kids but that’s no excuse for picking on other kids. And besides, Marty wouldn’t get into the fight if it weren’t for his older brother, Steve. It was him who encouraged Marty to strike the other kid if being bullied.

The older brother is an interesting case too. I don’t know what his mental status is but he sure has issues. He seems to hate people and his mom and dad in particular. At times he seems to have a split personality and he likes to chop people’s heads off. He keeps them in a bag in his closet. Marty has found that bag of course and as he looks up to his brother he’s fascinated by it. He dreams about what it must be like to chop of another person’s head.

This brings us to the video violence part. Both Marty and Steve are into bloody and violent flicks. Steve is maybe ten years older and has a collection of violent horror flicks. He lets Marty borrow them from time to time. Marty is especially fascinated by one called Headless, which features a killer in a skull mask. He chops off women’s heads and then has sex with them. The heads that is! It’s totally macabre!

You can imagine the mess Marty’s in. His brother seems to be a psyched killer, he’s bullied at school and he’s starting to fight back towards them who hurt him. He’s starting to stand up for himself. The horror flicks certainly doesn’t help, even though he loves them. He’s all alone. He had one friend but after he leaves him too he has no one – except for a protective big brother!

The script is very complex and it’s hard to describe the film. I like the small and tiny development that drives the story. I think the actors are very good except for a few times when their lines aren’t very convincing. But considering the budget was $8000 I guess you can’t have it all.

I guess the bottom line is about bullied children but the mental status and/or illness of the older brother is in focus too. I like flicks that focus on both things and thus this is a great flick in my book. One of the best I’ve seen recently actually.


Jul 1, 2014


It started just under a decade ago. A 24-year-old frustrated filmmaker down on his luck decided to see what would happen if he grabbed a digital camcorder, a girl, the money in his wallet (45 bucks) and went out and shot a movie in a single night based on the sole idea of manipulated rape and murder (without a script, putting both the actress and himself in jeopardy).

What took place after that was beyond words. The film simply spiraled out of control. It was both praised and banned World Wide. It received mainstream distribution for Home Video (from E1 Entertainment), played Theatrically, outraged Academy Award Nominee Lesley Ann Warren (so much so that she interfered with the Theatrical Release and Greatly Sabotaged the film's Promotional Efforts) and was hit with amazing unexpected acclaim by MTV, Film School Rejects, Film Threat and Mr. Skin, as well as numerous magazines, web sites and publications around the globe (even the infamous hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan snatched an Amateur Porn Star Killer DVD before its official release and said "the film was dope!").

Director/Actor Shane Ryan immediately followed up with two sequels after the first film's success. But for the past half-plus decade he has claimed that he would never make another one. Well, after years of requests by both fans and distributors, he has finally long as the title of the film be changed. The character is still that of the Ted Bundy-like charming serial killer/rapist (called "Brandon"), the film simply has a new title, and appropriately-so; TED BUNDY HAD A SON.

Now, YOU can be a part of this infamous, "transgressive and terribly realistic" (Film Threat) series!!! Get Producer credits, Pre-Order Your DVD and get it personalized, and even buy the lead actress' final outfit in the film! There's also a very special perk which includes Filmmaker Shane Ryan and his Leading Lady flying out to wherever you are to meet and Thank You personally, plus take you out to dinner (on them!).

And here's the Best Part! The film already has signed on a DISTRIBUTOR before it's even been shot; something practically unheard of for an Independent Film, and completely unheard of for an Underground Film like this! Sound too good to be true? Check with our Distributor yourself! The Wonderful WILD EYE RELEASING (check out their film catalogue below).

So, what the hell are you waiting for?? Still not convinced to take part in this game-changing series?

While films with budgets of $50,000, $100,000, even $1,000,000 fail to find distribution, we already have it. And even if a film finds distribution, it typically gets lost in the shuffle. Well, take a look at the recognition these no-budget APSK films have received (aside from everything we've already mentioned).

They've been written up in nearly a half-dozen PUBLISHED books (that we know of!), including; From The Arthouse to The Grindhouse, Shattered Innocence, Lost and Found, Earogenous Zones: Sound, Sexuality and Cinema, with several discussions in the recently released book from Britain called Torture Porn: Popular Horror after Saw, and exclusive interviews in The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America and the Swedish-language book Äkta skräck. The APSK series is currently getting it's own entire section (written by Dr. Steve Jones) in the upcoming anthology book from major International Leading Publisher Bloomsbury entitled Snuff: Real Death and Screen Media (edited by Dr. Shaun Kimber, author of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer).

Did we also mention that the APSK Trilogy is getting a Special 2-Disc Box Set release this Summer? That's the 3rd release for this ground-breaking trilogy! We could keep going on and on, but what's the point? We've made it.

Go to the crowdfunding campain here: Indiegogo

Jun 22, 2014

Die Die Delta Pi – 2013 – full frontal nudity!

I think most of us, those of us that like slasher flicks, have seen this story before. It’s really nothing new. I won’t spoil it for you but it involves an accidental death in the past and revenge in present day. It also obviously revolves around a sorority and the girls there. These are exploited of course. Early on there’s full frontal nudity and there’s a few scenes with naked breasts although the movie. This is a cliché approach of course, but it still works in the context of it all.

As most slasher flicks there are really bad acting. Most of it actually but it’s the same thing here. The bad acting serves as funny cliché references. It’s obvious that the movie makers know what they’re doing as they take advantage of it for humorous relief. Often the point of these flicks is not to scare and frighten but to amuse, and this movies does that. Bad acting, stupid dialog but really good makeup effects makes the film worthwhile.


Jun 16, 2014

The Lords Burning Rain – 2014

This starts of as an extraordinary adventure and it’s equally beautiful. The environment is exactly how I picture the Irish countryside a few years back. Though out the movie the music’s marvelous too! In fact I can’t find much that isn’t perfection in this production. But of course, if you’re into action and horror flicks, this is not for you. This is a film that actually tells a story about people and about Ireland in particular.

To tell the story we follow a sixteen year old boy when he’s riding a horse home. He encounters some odd characters along the way. It’s almost mythological at times, at least if you see it from a metaphorical point of view. It never goes too far into fantasy and such though. At some point I found it almost surreal as far as the story telling technique goes but I’m not sure if this is intended of if it’s just me over interpreting it? In either case there is surely an interesting nerve to it.

As we follow the boy’s journey home, we also get to see some flashbacks in black and white. They are designed to “look old” and I guess they’re realistic as such but I found them a bit of the point. I think they stall the pace a bit and the pace is rather slow to begin with. It’s really slow. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it stays interesting all the way through. However, I don’t think it’s easy to understand the movie fully from watching it just once. It’s rather complex and you might miss a lot of details if you don’t pay enough attention.

The acting is really good. I actually think that all of it could be a more or less a documentary. It’s that realistic. This is the second film and the first feature I’ve seen from Maurice O’Callaghan (the first was the short A Day for theFire), and I’m really impressed! I want to see more!


Jun 15, 2014

A Day for the Fire – 2014

Once again I must admit that I find it difficult to write about short movies. I mean those that consist of more or less one scene or one set to tell their story. This particular film focus on a man that returns to his home village after twenty years in exile. He walks into a pub and orders some coffee. Soon he’s joined by another man who, just like the first man, finds the burning fire cozy. They start to talk to each other and the other man reveals some very personal things, about his dead kid. The kid apparently committed suicide.

But it doesn’t really matter if he committed suicide or not. What the conversation they’re having is about is of little importance. At least as long as it’s a melancholic one. The whole point of it all is essentially an exercise in storytelling with very small means. Both of the men are brilliant performers and the direction is splendid. The music is very important of course as well as the cinematography. I like it even if it didn’t bring me to tears. It made me think about what’s important in life even though I feel that the main purpose of the short is in the technical aspects.


I have permission to share it with you so here it is!

Jun 13, 2014

Trailer: White Pig

I've sposored this movie. Looks awsome so far!

May 26, 2014

The Raiders of Atlantis – 1983 – Cheesy and too confusing

Even though I’ve heard quite a lot about it before I wasn’t sure if it would be too cheesy or just about right for an enjoyable time. It’s been in my possession for quite some time but I haven’t gotten around watching it. It’s directed by Ruggero Deodato which makes it very interesting to say the least. His best known feature film is by no doubt Cannibal Holocaust and if you haven’t heard about any other of his movies, that one is so infamous that even those who haven’t actually seen it knows about some of the gruesome scenes in it.

In my opinion there are many more flicks directed by Deodato that’s mentionable. One of my favorites is The Barbarians Brothers starring David- and Peter Paul, two body builders with massive bodies. Just the right thing for a barbarian flick!

But this one I had not seen before. I must confess it’s quite confusing. I don’t know who is after the treasure and who is avenging who when it comes to the end of the movie. Basically there are some people trying to raise a Russian submarine. While doing that some of the radioactive material leaks out which causes a chain reaction that eventually makes the sunken island Atlantis rise to the surface. There are a couple of different gangs trying to collect the treasures and there is some gang, they might be native to Atlantis, which acts very violent.

As a whole, it’s a bit too confusing to me. And to tell the truth, I fell asleep several times when I tried to watch it. It was kind of boring. Still, there were some nice cheesy action and some costumes that should never have seen the light of day which was quite entertaining. This is not Deodatos best work. It’s quite overacted and with little to none continuity. It wasn’t my cup of tea.


May 19, 2014

Lone – 2014 – Something different

I find it very hard to write something about this. That’s not unusual of course since movies that don’t follow the usual conventions are a bit harder to comprehend. If you go for a different way to tell a story you’re bound to narrow down you audience. On the other hand, I don’t think you totally have to “get it” every time. Imagery can be “felt” and taken aside from the rational mind that we usually rate movies with. Mark Pellington does a fine job with that here. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing this with Alejandro Jodorowskys surreal masterpieces but now you know just which direction to expect from it.

This is more or less a musical video, but it’s quite lengthy (about 57 minutes) and there’s not music all the time either. The artist in question is Chelsea Wolfe whom I had no previous knowledge about. I can say that I enjoy her singing more than I would any other professional singer but she’s ok. I didn’t watch this for the music anyway.

And I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere. But I can’t account for it. That’s not the point of this movie anyway, not in my opinion. What you should do is to let your mind flow and don’t try so much. Either you like it or not. I can’t say for sure what I think as far as a grade goes. I do know though that I had to watch it multiple times before getting any sense to it. Who said reviewing movies, short or long, blockbuster or independent, should be easy?

Apr 19, 2014

The Lashman – 2014 – Modern retro slasher

Once you’ve seen a slasher from the golden era you can never get satisfied with a modern one, until now. This one follows the classic layout, a few teenagers in the woods, telling a ghost story by the camp fire (which later comes to life). There is some nudity in it but not too much, just like it was back in the day. It’s just enough to make it interesting but not enough to make it too sleazy or pornographic. If you’re looking for that, keep looking. We’ve got the fat nerd, “crazy Ralph” and youngsters looking to score with the girls. Yes, we’ve seen it before!

The acting is surprisingly good! I was really taken by surprise by the quality of the actors. I started out thinking it was just another independent flick with mediocre acting – at best! This was way better in that sense. The characters may not be deep but there is some tension between them and that’s all you really need.

The movie as a whole is a bit slow to get to the action I think. We almost gets bored with it during the “talky” first half of it. We get a teaser in the beginning and we realize the there are going to be more murders in the film. And about an hour later, or slightly less, the killing spree begins. The Lashman turns up killing them one by one…

I kind of like it even though it is cliché and that we’ve seen it all before. It was a long time ago that I saw a modern slasher this retro!


Feb 1, 2014

Midsummer Nightmares 2: Summers End – 2014 – There’s a lot of cleavage!

Director: Ryan Stacy

I write this without the benefit of having watched the first one. The reason for this is that I want to treat this as an individual movie rather than a sequel. This might also be the cause for why I don’t totally get it. It seems to me that there’s way to much talk about stuff I don’t really connect to the movies main plot. Correction: of course it’s connected to the main plot, just not in a way that makes a lot on sense.

I can’t really say that it works as slasher. It’s not suspenseful enough, it’s not bloody enough. As a thriller? Well, there’s that thing about suspense again. A thriller more than anything revolves around suspense. The actors are quite bad most of the time but the thing the flick lack is suspense sounds and music. These things can do wondrous things with a mediocre plot.

To be honest, I don’t get this plot. There’s way to much talk about what happened before that’s unknown if you haven’t watched the first movie. I will watch it later though and see if I can connect the dots. The things I get are that some crazy killer from the past returns to kill off a bunch of friends. I don’t know why, there isn’t much motivation to anything in the movie. Why, why, why? That’s always the thing we should get to know one way or another. Except if you’re David Lynch, then you can get away with a totally confusing movie.

It’s hard to separate the acting from the direction. Who’s really to blame? I can’t say for sure but there is at least one saving grace – Christy Faulkner, who does the part of this hot ginger head Amber. She’s by far the most skilled actor in this production. That’s my opinion anyway! Many of the others, not all of them of course, seem to be in the production just to add cleavage values! That’s not necessarily a bad thing saying so makes me feel like a dirty old man. But perhaps that’s just what I am. The thing is that there’s a lot of cleavage but not enough boobs for it to be really sleazy. The attempt is fine to begin with but it does not work all the way.

All in all this is a little to amateurish for me to get off on. It’s a pretty short movie, about 70 minutes – luckily! It feels much longer than that since the pacing is so slow. Why don’t the killer come out and kill some of the characters already. There’s a decent teaser in the beginning of the film, but then there’s all that cleavage… In the end there’s an obvious attempt to surprise us which only add to the confusion. Just make it simple next time!

But did I regret seeing this? Do I want my time back? Not really. It was still worth my time and it should be worth your time too. It may not be top notch but very few movies are and there are after all some intriguing things about it. Did I mention Christy Faulkner?


Ps. having watched the first instalment of this I can now say I get it! At least I get it more than I did before. My views above haven’t changed, it’s still a confusing movie but if you have seen the first film you much better off. It would facilitate your understanding for this! Ds.

Wakey Wakey – 2012 – Don’t blink, you might miss something!

Director: Adrian Goodman

First off, I think this is the first time I got a screener sent to me from Australia. Not that it really matters where the movie is from for still, its half way around the world and that is kind of cool. That’s a reminder to never ever say that the internet hasn’t got a worldwide impact – because it has! My friends over at have a quote on the front of the cover which says that Wakey Wakey is one of the best films of the year. I’m intrigued!

It’s basically not a very easy film to follow. It’s a bit art-house and it’s certainly not a film for everyone to enjoy. It’s shot in beautiful black and white and the main characters are odd to say the least. At first I couldn’t figure out if they were sister or lovers (or both). One of them wears a helmet at all times, well almost all times. It gives a bizarre impression but also creates an interest. Why? Does this have something significant to do with the plot or is it just to make things strange? After a while it’s clear that there’s a logical explanation for it as the woman suffers from narcolepsy. It still looks very strange when she walks around with it on but it makes sense, really!

So, one of them suffers from narcolepsy, what about the other one? She is far more difficult to figure out. But it seems like she gets off on seeing her sister(?) passing out so that she can create photo shots out of the events. It’s a very odd fetish to be sure. The imagery is designed to make us more interested as the movie goes along. I for one feel an urge to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s not obvious I can tell you. The thing is that you need to pay attention to what’s happening at all times. If you blink you might miss something; some important part of the puzzle.

So we can establish that it’s a very odd movie shot in beautiful black and white. The women, the two main characters which are almost the only thing in front of the camera for the whole movie, are wearing heavy makeup and looks a bit Goth to me. I don’t know if this is a metaphor for something erotic but I guess it could be. The whole atmosphere of it is kind of arousing I think. But speaking of metaphors, these may very well be elements that aren’t really there. Some things that’s just present in the minds of the women or in one of their minds. I’m not even sure both of them exist. However, both Laura Wheelwright and Fabiana Weiner are excellent in their parts!

But that’s the fun part. I really like it when you can’t be absolutely sure on what you see; when the movie ends and you’re not certain what you saw. There are a lot of interpretation possibilities here and once the film is over you aren’t much closer to the answers than you were in the beginning.