Aug 30, 2012

Review: The Thrill of a Kill - 2011

The Thrill of a Kill
Director: Lars-Erik Lie

A young girl runs off from home. She roams the forest which is the best way for her to calm down. But not this day! She is attacked and taken to a cabin nearby where she’s molested and tortured by a serial killer maniac.

This is an ultra low budget film! They usually don’t have more plot than I’ve just described – and they don’t have to! The main thing about watching them isn’t the deep plot anyway, I’m not looking for multiple layers of storylines and I’m quite happy with what this presents in that sense. Neither is low budget flick known for masterful performances of the actors and that’s fine too!

What’s important is that the ambition to make something is there. That the crew and actors aren’t satisfied with just anything, they should want to shake the grounds a little bit. And I think this film does just that. It isn’t really inventive but the feel of it is quite raw and the serial killer maniac is a real son of a bitch! I don’t know if it’s the Norwegian language or something else but he seems so friendly yet so grim! He doesn’t seem to have any emotions at all to come in his way when it comes to tormenting the young girls he has captured.

Speaking of the language, my Norwegian is not good and I had a hard time getting the lines most of the time. But there are a lot of different accents in the film and I didn’t have problems with all of them! Strange that mother and daughter doesn’t use the same dialect but I guess that’s beside the point. Who am I to know if the daughter grew up in the same surroundings as her mother?

Let’s go to the fun parts – the gore! Because we can talk about the other stuff for hours, but what we’re really interested in is the gore right? I’m just being honest here, the main thing about a low budget horror/splatter movie is the gore and that’s the truth! It doesn’t matter how good the storyline is, the gore is always in focus! This is not the most violent film I’ve seen in the matter but I think it’s one of the more perverted and sadistic actually. There are some pretty traditional splatter scenes but most of it is more or less realistic! I have no complaints about the gore at all but I wanted it to be sleazier at times. In the very beginning of the movie eroticism is hinted and insinuated by low camera angles and later with topless shots (even if they’re from behind) but it never takes the full step into nakedness.

As it becomes a rape/revenge film of sorts the ending is the most intense part (DUH!). This is where the perpetrator is punished and gets what’s coming to him. This isn’t actually a spoiler since its pretty standard but I’m not going to tell you what’ll happen to him. But I can tell you that I sure wouldn’t want to trade places with him…

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