Aug 30, 2012

Review: When Evil Calls – 2007

Ok, the DVD cover looks really cheap and I never understood why some people find clowns so frightening. The actors are pretty awful at first sight but after a while I don’t even notice it anymore. I don’t think they get any better but the story is told in such short fragments that you hardly have the time to get under their skin. In short terms the film shows various results of wishes, not unlike that of the Wishmaster films. If you wish for something you should be really careful not to phrase the wish wrong or it will backfire on you. If you ask for never to see a certain person ever again you might find yourself without eyes.

The result of the wishes is fairly easy to figure out immediately after they’ve been stated and it gets quite repetitive after a few scenes. Everything is presented by a janitor whom we first encounter before the first case. He’s portrayed by Sean Pertwee and I must say it’s more or less brilliant! But returning to the story, each one of the scenes, because it’s merely scenes put together, is preceded by a menu with scenes title and the number of the scene we’re about to see. That’s part of what make this such repetitive film but all the wishes is also very much the same.

The film is saved by Sean Pertwee and the story he’s telling between the scenes. That’s where the real tension lies and what’s making this watchable. But on the other hand, if you demands aren’t too high you might find the wishes/results quite entertaining in a humorous way. Oh, and the very end is actually really scary!


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