Sep 4, 2012

Review: Famine - 2011

Director: Ryan Nicholson

This is kind of a slasher flick, but it’s not. It’s also kind of a splatter movie, but it’s not. You might compare it to a rape/revenge fcli but there’s no rape. I guess you could say it’s something right in between. The actors are quite bad, but that’s to be expected. The story is ok I guess and the script does what it’s supposed to do – except… There are sexual tensions throughout the entire movie, actresses with huge tits and low angel camera shots but there´s not enough real sleaze! I feel that we get fooled out of our rightful share of skin and compared to what Ryan did in Hanger and Gutterballs this is a bit lame in that sense.

The gore is nice though! It’s not overdone and it mostly looks realistic. I like when it’s like that. When there are too much intestines the comic effect is more disturbing than anything else. Here is just one scene (that I can remember) where guts are spilled in that manner and even then it looks fine! The makeup effects are also quite good and serve the movie well. Especially when we get to see the acid burned teacher Balszak which might or might not be behind the entire smorgasbord of killing in the movie. He’s definite a suspect!

But it’s not very important who’s exposed as the killer in the end. We should be more interesting in the way there than the final solution of things. There are a few entertaining murders on the way and that’s where the entertaining lies. The killer is masked as the school’s mascot by the way, a very cool mask for the murderer I would say!

And even though the actors are really bad and we get fooled out of the nudity (there’s only one short topless scene) I still like it. I don’t quiver with joy over it but it’s good fun and cool murders!


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