Jun 2, 2015

The Perfect Husband – 2014 – Witty and disturbing!

What goes on in a deranged mind? I don’t know and I guess that no one without a deranged mind would either. Having that said I just declared myself sane, which might or might not be a lie… In either case, we get to follow a couple with a broken background when they try to find peace with each other and themselves during a country trip.

It’s obvious that neither of them feels very well. The reason is obvious if you keep your eyes open. And even if you don’t you’ll get the message later on. They have lost a child, a new born child. We get glimpses of a birth and a stillborn child. Nothing can be more horrifying in this world than to give birth to a non-breathing baby. This couple quickly gets my deepest sympathy.

It’s kind of a low paced story, almost too low paced at times but it does get really bloody and violent as it goes along. It’s really terrifying what a broken couple might do to each other in the moment of their worst anxiety. We aren’t spared any of it either. There’s a lot of violence that almost makes me want to turn my head away. That’s very unusual but there are a couple of things I feel very uncomfortable seeing. I can’t stand mutilation of hands and eyes for example.

It’s also pretty well acted which is a great asset when it comes to suspense. It’s a pretty exciting movie actually. It’s terrifying and suspenseful at the same time. It’s rather unusual I think, that a film as bloody as this one also manages to keep the audience in such suspense. As I watch it I’m curious on what s going to happen, and who is going to snap first. I mean really go over the edge. It’s obvious that it is going to happen, just not when. And I’m not disappointed at the final breakdown, I can tell you that. There might be one or two twists too many in the story but that’s not such a big deal. This is a great movie, no doubt about it!