Dec 3, 2014

Le Fear II: Le Sequel – 2014 – not an usually obscure horror flick

Normally when I claim that a film doesn’t suit everyone it’s usually an obscure horror flick or extreme low budget. This is not the case here. I don’t know for sure about the budget and I don’t think it’s a lot but it’s not a shoestring budget either. The acting is quite good and it’s a very funny comedy in my book. It’s about a director trying to get a horror movie done. The obstacles he has to surpass is very odd ones to say the least. He tries very hard to make a great movie but everyone else in the production seems to be total amateurs when it comes to filmmaking. There’s not much going his way.

He’s on the verge on frustration most of the time and it’s actually very entertaining to take part of his anguish (I know, I’m a terrible person). There’s really not much more to tell. The detailed information that I could write down would spoil the experience for you I think. It’s a very thought through production even if it’s an indiefilm. Perhaps it’s just because it’s indie? I often find that indies and low budget movies are more inventive that major Hollywood blockbusters. They’re certainly more creative. But that’s basically the same thing isn’t it?

I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece but nowadays few movies seem to be. I think I’ve seen too much in the last couple of years to really appreciate the finer things. I only watch really great movies a couple of times a year. Of course I always keep my hopes up. This one was different enough to be worth the watch.