Jul 1, 2014


It started just under a decade ago. A 24-year-old frustrated filmmaker down on his luck decided to see what would happen if he grabbed a digital camcorder, a girl, the money in his wallet (45 bucks) and went out and shot a movie in a single night based on the sole idea of manipulated rape and murder (without a script, putting both the actress and himself in jeopardy).

What took place after that was beyond words. The film simply spiraled out of control. It was both praised and banned World Wide. It received mainstream distribution for Home Video (from E1 Entertainment), played Theatrically, outraged Academy Award Nominee Lesley Ann Warren (so much so that she interfered with the Theatrical Release and Greatly Sabotaged the film's Promotional Efforts) and was hit with amazing unexpected acclaim by MTV, Film School Rejects, Film Threat and Mr. Skin, as well as numerous magazines, web sites and publications around the globe (even the infamous hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan snatched an Amateur Porn Star Killer DVD before its official release and said "the film was dope!").

Director/Actor Shane Ryan immediately followed up with two sequels after the first film's success. But for the past half-plus decade he has claimed that he would never make another one. Well, after years of requests by both fans and distributors, he has finally agreed...as long as the title of the film be changed. The character is still that of the Ted Bundy-like charming serial killer/rapist (called "Brandon"), the film simply has a new title, and appropriately-so; TED BUNDY HAD A SON.

Now, YOU can be a part of this infamous, "transgressive and terribly realistic" (Film Threat) series!!! Get Producer credits, Pre-Order Your DVD and get it personalized, and even buy the lead actress' final outfit in the film! There's also a very special perk which includes Filmmaker Shane Ryan and his Leading Lady flying out to wherever you are to meet and Thank You personally, plus take you out to dinner (on them!).

And here's the Best Part! The film already has signed on a DISTRIBUTOR before it's even been shot; something practically unheard of for an Independent Film, and completely unheard of for an Underground Film like this! Sound too good to be true? Check with our Distributor yourself! The Wonderful WILD EYE RELEASING (check out their film catalogue below).

So, what the hell are you waiting for?? Still not convinced to take part in this game-changing series?

While films with budgets of $50,000, $100,000, even $1,000,000 fail to find distribution, we already have it. And even if a film finds distribution, it typically gets lost in the shuffle. Well, take a look at the recognition these no-budget APSK films have received (aside from everything we've already mentioned).

They've been written up in nearly a half-dozen PUBLISHED books (that we know of!), including; From The Arthouse to The Grindhouse, Shattered Innocence, Lost and Found, Earogenous Zones: Sound, Sexuality and Cinema, with several discussions in the recently released book from Britain called Torture Porn: Popular Horror after Saw, and exclusive interviews in The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America and the Swedish-language book Äkta skräck. The APSK series is currently getting it's own entire section (written by Dr. Steve Jones) in the upcoming anthology book from major International Leading Publisher Bloomsbury entitled Snuff: Real Death and Screen Media (edited by Dr. Shaun Kimber, author of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer).

Did we also mention that the APSK Trilogy is getting a Special 2-Disc Box Set release this Summer? That's the 3rd release for this ground-breaking trilogy! We could keep going on and on, but what's the point? We've made it.

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