Dec 15, 2013

Creature 2013 – 2013 – No, I’m not sure I get it..

Director: Ronny Carlsson
Short/Art House

I can’t remember when I started to get absorbed by the films of Ronny Carlsson. He has made some brilliant movies and I was so taken by one of them that I decided to co-fund its release. Somehow I managed to mention that in every review I’ve made about his movies since then. I guess I’m proud of my contribution to film history! But it also means that I compare everything he does to that one movie which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Its my problem of course, not Ronnys and it shouldn’t really affect what I’m thinking about his creations but I can’t help myself. I want to experience the same magic all over again one more time in my life!

I really like the style of this one; it was filmed using a cell phone just as the previous Goodbye Little Betty. It makes it look gritty and cheap which suit the film very well. There’s a major difference between the two though, this one has sound and even dialog. I can’t say that I’m used to that in a Ronny Carlsson film. Its not much dialog mind you but there are a few sentences here and there. I’m glad to say that these are in Swedish and even what sound like natural dialect to me. I hate when there’s none natural dialog in movies!

But… I’m not sure I got the story… I mean, I get that the female lead is experiencing something overwhelming but I can’t exactly say what. But that’s also the beauty of it. Why do you have to know every thin in detail to appreciate a movie? Why can’t the metaphors simply speak for themselves? We really don’t have to see everything the characters are experiencing! I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again (and again). Less is more every day of the week!

That doesn’t apply to the editing of this film though. The editing is also done by the Writer-Director Ronny Carlsson and emphasizes the bad feelings we feel when watching the woman descent into darkness. He did a marvelous job here. I imagined this took quite some time to get right! And there’s the usual Midas touch of suiting music to the imagery that Ronny Carlsson always seems to get just right!