Jun 22, 2014

Die Die Delta Pi – 2013 – full frontal nudity!

I think most of us, those of us that like slasher flicks, have seen this story before. It’s really nothing new. I won’t spoil it for you but it involves an accidental death in the past and revenge in present day. It also obviously revolves around a sorority and the girls there. These are exploited of course. Early on there’s full frontal nudity and there’s a few scenes with naked breasts although the movie. This is a cliché approach of course, but it still works in the context of it all.

As most slasher flicks there are really bad acting. Most of it actually but it’s the same thing here. The bad acting serves as funny cliché references. It’s obvious that the movie makers know what they’re doing as they take advantage of it for humorous relief. Often the point of these flicks is not to scare and frighten but to amuse, and this movies does that. Bad acting, stupid dialog but really good makeup effects makes the film worthwhile.


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