Jun 15, 2014

A Day for the Fire – 2014

Once again I must admit that I find it difficult to write about short movies. I mean those that consist of more or less one scene or one set to tell their story. This particular film focus on a man that returns to his home village after twenty years in exile. He walks into a pub and orders some coffee. Soon he’s joined by another man who, just like the first man, finds the burning fire cozy. They start to talk to each other and the other man reveals some very personal things, about his dead kid. The kid apparently committed suicide.

But it doesn’t really matter if he committed suicide or not. What the conversation they’re having is about is of little importance. At least as long as it’s a melancholic one. The whole point of it all is essentially an exercise in storytelling with very small means. Both of the men are brilliant performers and the direction is splendid. The music is very important of course as well as the cinematography. I like it even if it didn’t bring me to tears. It made me think about what’s important in life even though I feel that the main purpose of the short is in the technical aspects.


I have permission to share it with you so here it is!

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