Aug 9, 2014

Found – 2012 – Bloody and violent!

This is a fairly violent and bloody movie, but it’s not a horror movie in essence. That’s my opinion anyway and I’ll tell you why. There’s a serious message to be told here and it’s done by letting us watching youngsters watching horror moves. Very violent horror movies I might add.

The essence in my book is about exclusion though. We have this kid, Marty, that gets bullied in school that finally fights back and is made the bad guys for it. Ok, I don’t agree with violence but there is only so much you can take. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to apologize for standing up for your rights. Kids might be kids but that’s no excuse for picking on other kids. And besides, Marty wouldn’t get into the fight if it weren’t for his older brother, Steve. It was him who encouraged Marty to strike the other kid if being bullied.

The older brother is an interesting case too. I don’t know what his mental status is but he sure has issues. He seems to hate people and his mom and dad in particular. At times he seems to have a split personality and he likes to chop people’s heads off. He keeps them in a bag in his closet. Marty has found that bag of course and as he looks up to his brother he’s fascinated by it. He dreams about what it must be like to chop of another person’s head.

This brings us to the video violence part. Both Marty and Steve are into bloody and violent flicks. Steve is maybe ten years older and has a collection of violent horror flicks. He lets Marty borrow them from time to time. Marty is especially fascinated by one called Headless, which features a killer in a skull mask. He chops off women’s heads and then has sex with them. The heads that is! It’s totally macabre!

You can imagine the mess Marty’s in. His brother seems to be a psyched killer, he’s bullied at school and he’s starting to fight back towards them who hurt him. He’s starting to stand up for himself. The horror flicks certainly doesn’t help, even though he loves them. He’s all alone. He had one friend but after he leaves him too he has no one – except for a protective big brother!

The script is very complex and it’s hard to describe the film. I like the small and tiny development that drives the story. I think the actors are very good except for a few times when their lines aren’t very convincing. But considering the budget was $8000 I guess you can’t have it all.

I guess the bottom line is about bullied children but the mental status and/or illness of the older brother is in focus too. I like flicks that focus on both things and thus this is a great flick in my book. One of the best I’ve seen recently actually.