Nov 18, 2014

The Minions – 2014 – A new short from Jeremiah Kipp

I’m Jeremiah Kips greatest fan! I guess I’m not but for the time being lets pretends that it’s so. I admire his way of taking a very simple setting and make it very suspenseful. That is a great talent and he clearly makes use of it in this short. There doesn’t even have to be much of a plot, most of it is mysterious in this one. It’s still very suspenseful and you can’t wait ‘til you se what really going on. Of course this comes as a surprise of sorts in the end.

Most of this short is told in past tense but what really happened is hidden from us. We can only guess. For me it was somewhat of a surprise to watch the end. I had not expected that ending. I knew something was coming, a twist of some kind, but not exactly what. The only thing wrong with it really is that in IS a short. I would have liked this to be a feature film. That would have been amazing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very rewarding film!


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