Nov 20, 2014

Painkiller – 2014 – a truly gruesome little piece!

It’s not often movies really give me the creeps but this one do! The story revolves around two scientists that try to create the ultimate painkiller. It’s an organic organism really and it’s inserted into the test subject’s body. It attaches itself on the spinal core with the idea to absorb all pain the person feels. Sounds good if not even great in theory doesn’t it? Well of course it goes wrong and the organism integrates with the person and requires pain to continue living. And if this painkiller doesn’t receive enough pain the person dies ultimately.

It’s truly gruesome piece which indeed shocks me. I can’t take it when people gets inflicted with more and more pain and actually enjoys it. When it’s, in fact, is imperative for their very existence.

Just as TheMinions, also directed by JeremiahKipp, I wish this was a feature film. It would have been interesting to see how it would hold up over a bit longer time than just 15 minutes. I’m not if I could take it! It’s not that it’s a very gory film and that might be the strength about it. Less is so often more. That doesn’t mean it’s totally without gory effects either. If you’re into August Underground Mordum you might be disappointed but if you’re just after the discomfort this film brings you, it should hit the spot!


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