Nov 9, 2014

Infliction – 2013 – not just another found footage flick!

If you thought that this was just another found footage flick, you thought wrong. Sure, it has some flaws, but it certainly has a story to back up the concept. It may not be visible at first but soon you realize that the two brothers, who record they’re killing spree, has a grand motif. They don’t record their bloody deeds just for our amusement. In the description of the movie we’re told that director Jack Thomas Smith just showing us genuine recordings of the two brothers’ tapes. It would be tempting to believe that’s the truth but I don’t but it. At most, this is a story based on real events but I don’t know if even that is true.

Anyway, we get to follow the two brothers when the break in to a victims house after another. At first it seems just random but soon you realize that they have a real agenda and a goal with what they’re doing. I could describe it for you but I don’t think I won’t. It’ll take some of the suspense away from the experience. Let’s just say it has something to do with their upbringing to do. There are clear morals told here and there and what is right and wrong is sometimes somewhat debatable. What about vengeance? Is that excusable if it comes to punish those who did you wrong in the past?

At times it’s a really bloody experience but I think you should look past the blood and focus on the morals that are told. There are doubts among the brothers if what they’re doing is really right. But in the end it’s justifiable by they’re pasts. That’s one way of looking at it anyway. You might find another answer for yourself when you see it. In short, it’s about a tragic upbringing and what lies beneath.

I really like the idea as it’s a subject that lies close to my heart. There may not be the best the actors around, not from the victims anyway. But I can live with that. I would have preferred it if they could show fear on a higher lever for instance. But I’ll settle for less when the story has such a depth.


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