Aug 30, 2012

Review: 5ive Girls – 2006

In the very begining of the movie, in the initial teaser even, my interest for the content of the movies awakens! It’s about deeply religious people and their contact with the dark occult side is always very interesting! And if you add Ron Perlman as a priest it becomes even more interesting. When the opening credits starts to roll we take a leap five years forward in time. That means that the story starts over somewhat as it usually does when you alter the time in that manner. Unfortunately this also means that the story gets less interesting in this case. It still interesting enough to keep watching though. But I’m sorry to say that it gets dumber and dumber as the minutes go by, and finally you lose interest all together. The religious potential that could have made this movie really good is lost in attempts to make it more frightening than it really is. Too bad.


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