Aug 30, 2012

Review: Dust Box - 2012

Dust Box
Director: Ronny Carlsson

I have been told that I have misunderstood what Ronny wanted to do with this film and for that reason I have re-written the first paragraph which contained som factual errors.

According to Ronny, this is sort of a sequel to Récompence at least as far as theme is concerned. I don’t really follow it but I guess if you take some roaming in the woods and call that the theme I understand what he means. But on the other hand, Récompence was very stylish and I think I kind of expected more of that. And on a bigger note, I expected more altogether of the film. It’s a little bit too common and I can’t really see what I saw in the previous movie.

That doesn’t mean that I find this to be a bad movie but I wanted it to be a little more special. This is shot in both color and black and white and the picture is kind of regular. There are scenes that are more special but mostly it’s not. Instead this movie tries to build up a story that’s much more comprehendible than anything I’ve seen Ronny do. Furthermore, this film has dialog! Or at least the female lead has some lines. I commend this as it’s an evolving move for Ronnys filmmaking but I’m not sure if it was a fantastic idea. It’s not really convincing even if it’s spoken in Swedish. Thank God that there’s no bad English which so often wreck a promising idea.

As always, the touch when picking the music couldn’t be any better! If it’s something Ronny masters, it’s just that. To pick the music and sounds that emphasis the imagery. But on a total level I’m a bit disappointed. I expected more but I guess that’s my problem more that of the film.


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