Jan 2, 2013

Cult Flick Review: Venus in Furs (Masimo Dallamano) - 1969

Venus in Furs
Aka: Devil in the Flesh
Director: Massimo Dallamano

To be frank I don’t really know if there’s anything more to the story than what is obvious. A man gets obsessed by this woman and claims that women in furs are the sexiest thing on the planet. The rest of the film seems to be about shooting as many scenes as possible with as little clothes on the actresses as possible. I realize that I’m being unjust to the movie with these views but I have a very difficult time finding it worth my time watching movies like these. I like naked women as much as the next guy and I am probably a bit of a pervert but when it comes to softcore sexploitation I have a hard time.

Therefore this will be a somewhat strange review. What can I write about when I don’t see the point of the movie at all? I could say that the women are lovely and sexy – which they are. I could also make comment about the atmosphere and the aesthetics which is really nice but I don’t think that the movie should be seen just for these things. Actually I think that the only reason to see it is if you’re horny enough or as a reference to the sexploitation films of 1969.

I’m going to give this a bit better grade than it deserves just because of the aesthetics. It’s something I really enjoy in European movies like this but I need something more… It gets so tedious after a while…


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