Jan 21, 2013

Independant Flick Review: Kiiling Heat - 2012

Killing Heat
Director: Daniel Dahl

When JD gets fired from his job he goes to visit his old pals Gordon Goldman and John Walker in Thailand. They promise him a wonderful time filled with alcoholic beverages and as much pussy as he can possibly want. It’s starts out well enough, the booze is clearly no problem to get. The heat may have something to do with his erection problems though and he gets laughed at by some of the local prostitutes. The next day he picks up a couple of lady boys, not knowing what they are. As soon as he realizes each of them actually have a dick he escapes his room quickly. Why can’t he just get laid? The frustration gets on his nerves and when Gordon and John has to attend an important business meeting he goes out to get absolutely shit drunk! He eventually passes out and when he wakes up again he’s in the middle of the jungle with no memory of the night before. Where is he? Why is he there and how does he get back to the city?

This was sent to me by Kenny Wang who plays the character of JD. I believe that he’s also involved with the script and a whole lot other things in the movie. I got a warning early on that it was an extremely independent film and that I should treat it as such. My fears of that it being complete crap grew but I thought that I should give it a shot. It’s the very least I could do and who knows, it might be a real gem!

Well, the acting is really bad and the main characters English pronunciation is even worse than that. But apart from that it’s a real treat for underground film fans. I especially like the choice of music which emphasises every scene! The story is very interesting but I don’t know why. If there were any logic in this world it wouldn’t be since the plot is very shallow and the characters pretty flat. But something makes it worth my while to keep watching. It might be the political incorrectness that begins at almost the exact point where the film does. The Thai people is referred to as monkey throughout the film and the women seems only be good for one thing. I absolutely adore the sense of humour that this movie delivers. I most definitely  don’t agree with the domination the “weaker” that the movie proclaims but I realize that the films makers don’t either. It’s just a way to make a movie enjoyable an it fits well in the concept.

You could say that the movie has two parts. First JD and his friends party all day long and all night long for a few days. Everything seem to be a bliss (apart from JDs erection problems maybe). Then the second half of the film begins. This is where it gets really violent and where JD tried to get himself back to the city. He is hunted and he shots to kill his enemies. The only problem I have with that is the total lack of remorse. Not one time does he seems sorry for killing another human being, but then again, they’re just monkeys anyway…

In general I’m very poor a remembering quotations from other films but here I recognize a few borrowed ones. There might be more, and that is my full conviction, but there are at least Big Badaboom from The Fifth Element and Come to Thailand, let’s get together, have a few laughs paraphrased from Die Hard. Since it’s a movie filled with clichés I like these borrowed lines. It adds some humour to it! And as I said, I think that there’s more, I just can’t remember lines that good.

It’s too bad it’s a major spoiler to reveal what the who point of the movie is. It comes as a semi surprise at the very end but rest assure that there’s no holds barred when it comes to this flick. I can guarantee that you will be shocked when viewing what these Norwegian guys made out of a budget of $5000!


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