Jan 28, 2013

Short Flick Review: The Shower - 2012

The Shower
Director: Gianluca Minucci

What we see is in essence a woman taking a shower. She get is, put on the water; soap herself, wash of the soap and climbs out of the shower. This is made really sensual by beautiful music and it’s a very beautiful scene to watch. Although we get to see her breasts and some pubic hair I would not consider it a sleazy short of any kind. It’s extremely tasteful and kind of sexy and there are no strings attached. We might expect to see more of her body but at the same time we realize that this isn’t going to happen. Absolutely adorable! It’s about 8 minutes long and doesn’t contain more plot than I already have described. It’ll be hard to rate it so I won’t…

It can be viewed HERE!

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