Aug 30, 2012

Review: 7eventy 5ive - 2007

7eventy 5ive
Director(s): Brian Hooks, Deon Taylor

The semester is over on the university and a time of constant party and sex is coming up. The coolest gang of them all – The Crew, gets invited to a gigantic party at a rich classmate’s parents mansion. There will be all of the above, sex, alchohol and party 24/7. At least that’s what they think. An innocent game soon gets out of control. The point is to call a random number and fool the receiver 75 seconds without being caught in the act. When they call the “wrong” number they end up talking to a complete maniac who traces their call back to the mansion and only has one goal in sight – to kill them all with his sharp  axe!

This is one of the most interesting slashers that I’ve seen in a couple of years. It doesn’t hide behind too much annoying humour even if there are some comical clichés here and there. It’s also very well acted and that’s not something we see every day when it comes to slasher kind movies. It almost takes us back to the golden eighties and it’s quite brutal too! By that I don’t necisarily mean that you get to see everything I detail and that the film is gore soaked, but there’s plenty to satify the gorehounds too I think.
It’s also suspensefull! It can be compare to the greatest movies in the genre and it has a masked killer running about. Well, he has a winter jacket with a hood over his head. It’s kind of strange since al the others are just wearing t-shirts. In other words – it’s not very cold.
You luckily don’t see this kind of movie for the logic because there are a few thing I could mention besides the winter jacket. But I won’t, the brutality and close up violence outweigh the logic flaws anyway. It might not be amazingly inventive but it’s entertaining enough! Most of the time the axe is the murder weapon. I hope I didn’t give anything away there…

The reason I got this movie in the first place is the fact the Rutger Hauer is a part of it. He’s an investigator who can’t let go of a previous murder spree with the same modus operandi. He does a great job but this part also means that the rest of the film loses pace and that might not attract others than die hard Hauer fans. On the other hand, this part of the movie might be necessary for the end twist. I don’t know, I should have been possible to solve it in other ways as well. But for me it’s nice to watch Hauser doing his job, even if he can do a part like this in his sleep.

As a neo-slasher it’s really good!

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