Aug 30, 2012

Review: Fertile Ground - 2011

Emily Weaver has a miscarriage and is told that she can never be pregnant again. She’s of course devastated but is supported by her husband and they move out of the city into the countryside. Nate – her husband, has inherited a house that they settle down in but strange things happens almost immediately. Things takes a turn for the worse when a skull is found under the house (blocking the water pipes) and she learns that the house has a history of violence. It seems that all women who have been pregnant in the house have died or in fact, been murdered. Furthermore, hers and Nate wedding day correlates with that of the previous residents of the house and she’s told that she’s pregnant again against all odds. Now the house won’t let her leave….

I love haunted house movies and this is a pretty damn good one! It’s suspenseful even if it’s not that hard to figure out what going to happen. Or on the other hand, the film doesn’t close as they normally do! If you want a happy ending you should look elsewhere! But before you accuse me of spoiling it for you think about all the riddles I’ve given you in the past when it comes to describing plots. It’s not as simple as you think but yet very basic storyline. Less IS more it seems. I really enjoyed this one!


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