Aug 30, 2012

Review: Unspeakable - 2000

Director: Chad Ferrin

James and Alice doesn’t have a great relationship and it doesn’t get better when they’re in a car accident, leaving her crippled and their daughter dead. James grief has no end and Alice, well… she’s more or less a vegetable. That doesn’t mean that she’s not sexually molested by her nurse – she is! In the worst possible way! James on the other hand goes out and meets up with some hookers to take out his frustration on. Soon we learn that he had a more than normal relationship with the daughter and that it might be the reason for the lousy relationship with Alice.

This might very well be the most demented film I’ve ever seen! The character clearly do unspeakable things to shock us and the script is so twisted it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t written by a lunatic imprisoned in the quiet room. It’s Chad Ferrins first feature film. Whom I have reviewed once before – Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! which was made after this. They have a lot in common and the development as a filmmaker is obvious.

The actors are awful. Well, most of them anyway. Some of the smaller parts are in fact decent but what does that help when the main actors suck? But I can live with that, the main thing about it is the sickness and the madness the main character goes through. You could say it’s more of a portrait of metal sickness than a horror movie. But there are lots of death scenes where people die violently and the dementia helps to make this a very wicked film.

To fill things up besides the main story there is also a part of the film about a pimp and drug dealer. He loses some of his girls which turn up murdered (by James). But that’s just a minor thing. The main story about James is more in the style of Driller Killer or so where the murderer really snaps and can’t deal with reality anymore!

As I said it’s very demented and I could have left the review saying that since it’s the most describing word for the entire film! But is it entertaining? Well, I wouldn’t see it again in quite a while. There’s quite a lot of blood but the feel of it is a bit to amateurish for me at this time. Yet I can’t let go of it, my thoughts keep returning to it and I ask myself what’s really attracting with it. Beats me… Strange feeling. But it is dirty and the title really says it all – it’s unspeakable!

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