Aug 30, 2012

Review: Kick-Ass - 2010

When you view the trailer for this film it seems almost unfathomable ridicules and point less. But if you look for comments around the net it’s an entirely different story. Almost everyone seems to think that it’s totally fabulous or at least close to it. That makes me ever more interested and might cause some high expectations, too high even. To make a long story short, I don’t agree in the hype surrounding this movie. It’s certainly uneven and fragmented. But not in the way that makes the plot jump forward and backward in the storyline. It’s more like it’s no continuity to be found at all. When we’re supposed to have had enough of the initial story about the teenager who asks himself why there are no super heroes in real life, there’s some far fetched motive about vengeance in true comic style. It’s a bit too easy for me and it seems to be designed as a final solution when all else have failed. But I like it actor wise! Some doesn’t like Nicholas Cage but I do most of the time and that includes this movie. Unfortunate it never elevates to a higher lever than entertaining for the moment but it could have been much worse!


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