Aug 30, 2012

Review: T is for Tag

It took me a few screenings before I could understand this short for real. As a matter of fact I’m still not 100% sure but that’s not necessary anyway. It’s kind of a surreal story that could mean a few different things and the story itself isn’t the main thing. What’s important is the atmosphere and the awareness of the storytelling. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I guess it’s mainly about how the story is told. We are shown two sisters (twins maybe) and my conclusion is that one of them is already dead due to some tag-game when they were kids. If the dead sister is there or not, or if she’s even dead, is not certain and it doesn’t need to be. That’s the strength of it, the possibilities the viewers can decide for themselves. It’s a strong little piece which includes self mutilation and full frontal nudity. It’s high class art! …and Japanese horror from USA! 

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