May 5, 2016

Dark – 2015 – An interesting persona

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. You could say that life has caught up with me lately. Poor excuse, but that’s how it is. Shit happens and we need to focus on what important. That’s something the main character in this movie should learn by the way. It’s obvious already from the start that she has a lot of issues. What kind of issues isn’t clear from the beginning but as the movie goes along we note that she has problems with herself. She lacks self-confidence and doubts herself in each and every way. Unfortunately I don’t think this is very uncommon for you women. Or anyone else for that matter. But let’s start from the beginning…

Kate has a relationship with Leah and we are made aware of the sexual tension already in the opening scene. This is also the first time we see tendencies of Kate’s issues. We just haven’t figured them out yet. At least didn’t I. From this moment on it’s really a one woman show film. That is to say that Whitney Able as the character Kate, does most of the screen time on her own. It takes an actress of great skill to pull it off and I believe that se dis a great job with it. I’m fascinated by her persona.

Anyway. When the lesbian lovers split up for the day we get to follow Kate. She lives in a neighborhood that is far from glamour. It’s kind of the slum actually. I don’t think she likes it at all but the main thing is that there is a power outage that affects the entire city, or at least a large portion of it. There are few occasions when we don’t really know what to do, I know that from personal experience, that are worse than a power outage. We so take power for granted in our daily life.

It’s obvious that she get on her own nerves when she has to keep herself company. Her demons grows stronger with each dark moment. She goes about for a drink and some company but when she gets rejected her world falls further apart. She becomes more and more paranoid in her own mind. She cannot distinguish reality from her own mind. She see enemies all around her and the smallest sound is a threat to her security. It grows darker and darker but the greatest darkness is yet in her own mind and in the nightmare she’s about to wake up from.

This is a fine movie. Great acting and skilled direction. I think it’s thrilling most of the time even if the pace might be a little too slow at times. It’s a flick that is far better than I expected. I kind of love it. Really I do! And it gets even better after a few hours, when what really happened has had a chance to melt in. This is a thoughtful movie with a great script!


Jan 13, 2016

Silent Retreat – 2016 – A new cool flick!

When I was asked if I wanted to review this movie I was actually very indecisive about it. I haven’t written a review in a long time and I thought I might have a hard time with it. But then I watched the trailer and knew I had to write about it. I also realized that the movies director was Ace Jordan which directed a short I wrote about some years ago. I knew that this would be more than the average amateurish flick that so often seek reviewers. I don’t say there’s anything wrong with that. I really like low budget movies and I often find them very refreshing. But it’s not a contradiction that a low budget movie must be amateurish by default and this movie proves it!

It might come short to the best of the bunch when it comes to acting and directing but the story is solid written and I just lover the persona gallery. There’s some characters that are so out there and I just love them. Ace also manages to deliver characters that really annoys me. That’s is at least as important as characters you love and can relate to. It creates some tension in the group of people the movie is about. There are some elements of a true slasher here. The persona gallery certainly hints about it. We have the bitch, the comedian, the natural leader and the girl next door. But it’s more than a plain slasher. It’s also a movie about team building and mental illness. It is also a ghost story of sorts.

Actually it’s hard to pinpoint what the core genre of this movie is. There is an old asylum somewhere in the background of the story. And that is of course accompanied by a raving lunatic. We get to see flashbacks of, should we say, questionable treatment once used in mental institutions. Methods that could never be used today. Or perhaps there are still places where the physicians lobotomize their patient. I hope not but I wouldn’t really be surprised. I hope the brain split isn’t carried out through the tear channel though. There is such a scene early on. Pay attention, this is actually how they used to preform it. There was also a quite high death rate among the patents.

We get to follow a boy in the past tense story and we get to follow a group of teambuilding youngsters in the present day story. Somehow these are combined and there’s also a raving lunatic running around. It’s not the slasher the persona gallery implies. I already admitted to that. But there are violent deaths involved in the story and you can see some of it in the trailer that I attached to this post. I like the movie a lot but still it seems like it’s lacking some nerve. And at the end of the day this needs to be taken into consideration when rating the flick. Verdict below.

6/10 (trailers, interviews and behind the scenes videos)

Nov 2, 2015

A Dark Rome – 2014 – A Black Comedy from Italy

To be frank, my first impression of this was “what kind of amateurish crap is this?”. But then I started to watch it and I realized that what I initially thought was amateurish, was indeed part of the black humor. It has about as much presence of realism as a British drama, which is to say a lot. I believe in the characters in some weird sort of way. They are all exaggerated but still on the spot. It’s really nicely acted when you get it. Hopefully you will “get it” faster than I did. It took me three times before I really understood what I was looking at.

Don’t misunderstand me now. This is a good thing! I love it when I don’t understand the concept of a movie the first time. The experience of being “outsmarted” by the movie itself is just a measure of how well written it is. Some movies that you get right away might be very entertaining, but when they’re over, they’re just over. There’s nothing more to think about. Here it’s more like “what the heck did I just see?”. A very rare and pleasant feeling.

Part of what’s confusing me is that the story isn’t told in a conventional way. It’s more or less fragmented and skips in time back and forth. But on the other hand, this is way more common these days than it was a couple of decades ago. So this might be more conventional than I realize. Anyway, the story itself is about this guy who is hunted by the ghost of his murdered friend. I think this should symbolize the inner dialog; conscious of guilt and so on. They guy is involved to some extent in the death of his friend and is torn between doing the right thing, morally or what benefits him as a person the most. That’s my interpretation anyway.

By the end of the day, I find this a thoughtful piece of what’s morally right. It might not be very entertaining at first but it grows on you and if you dare to use your brain and think for yourself, you’ll see that this is by far more interesting than most of the mainsteam blockbusters out there.
I like it!