Aug 30, 2012

Review: 7 Days to Live - 2000

This is a rather effective suspenseful horror flick. It reminds me of classics like The ShiningPoltergeist and perhaps The Amityville Horror too. Amanda Plummer does a good job in one of the leading parts, especially when she characterizes insanity. Because it’s not certain that it’s about insanity at all but many classic details are part of the story. A lost child, a new place, a relationship about to break down and attempts to start over again despite the hard times are all parts of the story. It can just as well be a ghost story and what’s charming about it is that you can’t really say until it’s over. Pretty exciting! Sean Pertwee as the husband is equally good and when they act together and shows the relationship and the trouble within the film is at its best. The characters are believable and I don’t think that’s very common where flicks about haunted houses is concerned.


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