Sep 17, 2012

Review: Scary or Die – 2012

We get to follow a computer screen where someone visits a site called Scary or Die. The hand on the user is all that’s visible to us and it’s a hand full of scarred tissue. It’s obvious once the anthology themes are established that the final segment will explain what the hell is going on. I, myself had no idea what kind of film this was; I just though the cover looked cool and didn’t expect an anthology at all. I was into it just for the clown on the cover!

And the clown does have its own story; you just have to wait a bit for it. I think the film contains about 5 or 6 episodes but who’s counting? In either case, there’s varies quality aspects as far as entertainment value is concerned. The film as total has quite nice acting and cinematography and doesn’t feel amateurish at all. I don’t mind a little amateur feel from time to time but I’m very sparse on what I really enjoy.

Same thing goes with anthologies. Most of the times I think these are a waste of time and the build-up is always too short to get it really interesting. This is so-so in that department and a couple of the stories are really good! A couple of them are way too boring though so I guess that evens it out a bit. The finishing story which is supposed to connect them all and explain what’s going on is a big disappointment and as a whole the film can’t withstand a second viewing. I’m sorry to say that this is one of those movies where the cover is actually more interesting than the flick itself. There are some great moments but not enough to make it really enjoyable.



  1. Thank you for reviewing Scary or Die, Tommy! I have a weekly contest with some of my coworkers from DISH to see who can come up with the best/worst B movie of the week. When I saw the cover of this movie I knew I had a winner. I just added it to the top of my Blockbuster @Home rental queue and it should be here before this weekends gathering. I hope it’s better than VHS, the last horror anthology I watched.

    1. I havn't seen VHS yet, but I have high hopes for that one. Hopes that is, I don't really take anything for granted - ever! :-)

      Let's just hope that no one else has chosen Jurassic Shark, perhaps the worst flick I've seen this year. I have written about it but not here and ony in Swedish. I PLan to put it here during some theme week though. Shark Flick Week or something..

      Anyway, I'm glad I could be of help and that you made the first actual comment on this blog! :-)