Oct 26, 2012

News: Hudson Horror Show 666

I just got a press release for this event. It's a little too distant for me to attend but I'm sure it's worth while if you are in the area!

On Saturday, December 1, 2012 (12-1-12), the Hudson Horror Show 666 features a whopping six films (for the price of five), along with shorts and vintage trailers, all off rare 35mm films. It is a massive, sweaty 12-hour burst of horror and exploitation!

This is by far the largest and most diverse range of films we have ever presented. The show starts and the sky will be torn when you run from the devil's rain! Actor Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner, Tom Skerrit and a performance by John Travolta, this is the coolest of Satan Chic classics from the 70s.

One of the greatest exploitation movies of all time, Switchblade Sisters, talks about the Dagger Debs, the tough girl gang whose members was hot as hell. Quentin Tarantino loves this movie, but have not really stolen from it yet!

Not many sequels can be just as their predecessors, but PHANTASM II is one of the few. With more action, more dwarves, and well, more balls, crushes Phantasm II myth that all sequels suck.

There are no dwarves in Re-Animator, but director Stuart Gordon unrated bloodbath has just about everything else. Mad scientists, zombies, Talking Heads and the most insane oral sex scene ever committed to celluloid, this film is cinematic proof that Jeffrey Combs was robbed of a Best Actor Oscar 1985th

Let the trumpets sound for Crom, after 30 years, the original Conan the Barbarian makes triumphant return to the big screen! Forget boring, anemic remake, Arnold Schwarzenegger breakout movie gives more blood, blades and chest than most vintage slasher films.

Speaking of slasher films, what is a Hudson Horror Show without one? Have no fear as our mystery film now appears to be the original Black Christmas. Again, screw the remake, it's the original yuletide horror classic from 1974, which many claim to be the very first true slasher film. And any movie with John Saxon kicks only major ass!

Be sure to get extra money we will have vendors selling more goods than ever before. Comic books, movie posters, super cool magnets, rare DVDs, T-shirts, artwork and more will be fighting at the HH666. Horror Author Jason Gehlert will also be in attendance signing copies of his brand spanking new book, Jeremiah Black. This book sounds even sicker and more twisted than Jason's other works, for all his info go to www.facebook.com / jason.gehlert.

Advance tickets are $ 26.00 in advance on our website, if one day tickets left, they will be $ 30.00 at the door day show, cash only. Doors open at noon, show starts at 01:00 and runs until 12:00. A ticket, you get entry in and out all day.

For more information about the show, head of www.hudsonhorror.com or email us at info@hudsonhorror.com. Advance tickets go fast and are only on sale until Monday November 26 at 11:59. Buy your tickets now! See you on 12-1-12!

Interested in becoming a vendor at the next show? Just shoot us an email to info@hudsonhorror.com.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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