Aug 14, 2013

Sinister Visions – 2013 – A perfectly named anthology!

This is a five part movie. Each segment has a very sinister theme. Some are supernatural, some demented and some plain sadistic! So there are a variety of stories told here. I find it hard to connect them to each other but I’m not sure there is a general idea anyway. There doesn’t need to be as long as each part does its job. Five very different stories directed by three directors, Kim Sønderholm, Henric Brandt and Doug Gehl. It’s filmed on location in Sweden, Denmark and in the USA.

I feel that all the actors are a bit weak throughout the picture regardless of segment and director. But that’s to be expected from a low budget project like this. What you need to look for is other production values. The effects are generally good and in the first episode – Succubus, they are very imaginative. There’s not so much blood but there are a creature no one has ever seen before. You will be amazed! It’s not totally serious and I don’t think none of the segments are. Especially not the next one called My Undead Girlfriend. It’s almost a little too ridiculous for my tastes but it still delivers what it’s supposed to do so I won’t complain about it.

Mother Knows Best seems to have borrowed some of its plot from another famous movie. I can’t say which one without giving away some of the twist. Well, it’s fairly obvious anyway. The main character is obviously demented and the movie I’m thinking about is Psycho! There you have it! Now you have to figure the rest out for yourself. I wasn’t too impressed with this storyline since I found it a bit too easy to figure out. I would have liked it to be more sinister so to speak, a bit more wicked!

Almost without noticing the anthology then skips over to the next part, again with a demented theme. A bit different but still demented! This woman refuses to realize what is and what isn’t in A Woman Scorned. This is probably the most demented tale but actually my least favorite in the anthology. I don’t know why, it’s probably because it’s a bit low paced and that it comes right before the crescendo that the last story provide.

This is by far my favorite and the one with the least amount of humor attached to it! I like when you get a truly gruesome tale where the director hasn’t hidden anything under layers of humor. You could say that this is the part of the anthology or that they saved the best for last. Genital Genocide is about this sexual offender that’s about to get electrocuted. Sitting in the electric chair we get to see his crimes, he gets to see the audience disgust and we gets to see how badly they want to get their hands on him. He wants to trigger some commotion one last time and I think it’s safe to say that he succeeded!


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