Mar 8, 2013

Short flick review: The Prospector’s Curse - 2013

The Prospector’s Curse
Director: Josh Heisie

This is something as unusual as a western horror flick or a horror western flick. You can choose which epithet you wish for this short, both genres are present to be sure. The environment is that of the old west. We get to follow two criminals who are blamed for a murder. I have no idea if they did it or not but they have an angry mob chasing them. They come across a mutilated prospector dying on Indian ground. He makes them promise to give him a Christian burial but when he dies they steal his gold and get on their way. He comes back to haunt them of course.

The story is not unique in anyway but it works and there’s really no need to complicate things. The environmental aspects of the flick is gorgeous, it looks just like we’re back at the settler era. Actor wise I’m not overwhelmed. I’m split actually, I can’t decide if I think that they’re supposed to over act to make a comic effect or not. I certainly hope so because it’s the only way it’ll make sense. I can’t say that I’m overjoyed but the comic aspect but when the end comes, it’s kind of splatter-ish and comedy seems to work pretty good with that. I couldn’t find Robert Nolan, one of my favorite actors but it had a simple explanation. H plays the part of the prospector and is covered by tons of makeup.

Apparently this is just the first short flick in an anthology series. Each episode meant to pay homage to a different kind of b-movie genre. It’s a very interesting concept to be sure. But even if I weren’t blown away by this first installment I’m still looking forward to the next take in the series. I like ambitious project and this one doesn’t seem to be a bit pretentious which could ruin everything.


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