Sep 19, 2012

Review: Slaughtered Vomit Dolls - 2006

I first wrote this review during the summer of 2006 and put it up on my – then – new website. I then never got around moving it to the newer site/design and now it’s time again… I have decided to translate what I wrote back then and put it up on this blog since this is where it seems to belong best!

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
Director: Lucifer Valentine 666

Angela Aberdeen (Amerara Lavey) is a nineteen year old bulimic and prostituted stripper. She’s on the verge of descending into a world of emotional pain of gigantic proportions. She suffers from massive nightmares and hallucinations and is made to witness endless maiming, sadistic torture and emetophilia.

I’ll have to admit that I looked up the word emetophilia in a dictionary. The meaning of the word is multiple but the common factor is sexual arousal of vomit. There are some forms in which this can manifest it self:

  1. To watch someone else vomit in front of you.
  2. To make yourself vomit.
  3. To vomit on you partner during sex.
  4. To be vomited on by your partner during sex.
  5. To force someone else to vomit.

As a viewer of the movie it’s obvious that the first example stated above is the most frequent one. There’s not anyone that will jump out of your TV-set just to vomit on you – of course you can feel free to vomit yourself during the Watch! I nearly did but not out of arousal. This is a pretty disgusting film for most of us but I needed to see it for myself.

For the characters it’s more about making themselves vomit. It seems that they just can’t get enough of it sometimes and I fail to see what the films (shallow) plot has to do with anything. The hallucinations are more of an excuse to put as much vomit in there as possible. I mean, how lame doesn’t “a bulimic strippers hallucinations” sound? There are some things worth thinking about though! I just can’t figure out if there are intentional or if I just HAVE to find some saving grace beyond all the vomiting.

But enough of that. There are other scenes than vomiting too! Lots of sadistic maiming goes on and there’s a lot of torture. All of this is very realistic and I commend these efforts. I think it may be because of the films cinematography with a camera that’s NEVER still. There is also a lot of amateur feel to it which also may contribute to the realism. It’s kind of an oxymoron, the negative aspects makes it more realistic but less aesthetic to watch.

Something that may be of interest is the contract the director apparently sign for the Devil. He promises his soul to Hell and swears to raise his children as Satan’s offspring among other things. This seems to make a lot of people angry and not only deeply Christian believers as you might think but even the regular film viewer. I wonder how regular you are as a film viewer if you watch stuff like this. My own opinion of the subject is quite clear; it’s a way to create a mystic around himself and to make himself interesting. I think this sell merely as good as sex does really. I’ve seen similarities before and that it would be a totally serious pact with Satan sound a bit too improbable!

Finally I would like to warn all of you for this film. It’s the most disturbing and disgusting film I’ve ever seen but if that’s all that you’re after just go ahead. I didn’t get the point with it; I want something more that just disgust!


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