Sep 13, 2012

Asian Monster Flick Week - Goliathon - 1977

Aka: The Mighty Peking Man, Xing Xing Wang
Director: Meng Hua Ho

There are rumors about a giant ape living in the jungle. It’s supposed to be as tall as a ten stories building. Such a discovery cannot be left alone since there could be loads of money to make on displaying such an ape! A expedition goes out to find it but quickly give up and return to Hong Kong. One man stays behind however and he finds bother the giant ape and a beautiful blonde who was raised by it. Soon the ape is chained on a transport ship going to Hong Kong. But what will happen once there? Will the ape behave just like it’s predicted?

First of all, of course this is a King Kong Rip off. There’s not much dividing the two films from each other. Of course this is Asian and the original King Kong was stop motioned by Willis O’Brien but in essence it’s the same. I believe that Fred Andersson mentioned the movie in his article about Kongsploitation in the Swedish fanzine Gory-Glory Magazine but just in a passing sentence of so. But I agree what’s said in that sentence – it’s a cheesy film!

But the cheezyness is part of the fun. Who cares if the miniatures looks fake or that the ape looks phony. Nobody’s interesting in that anyway, nobody would have thought anything different anyway. The most important thing about the movie is the beautiful Evelyne Kraft who plays the blonde Tarzan like woman. Her parents were killed in a plane accident and she was the sole survivor. Her best friends in the jungle, apart from the ape, are wild cats with which she can communicate. They protect her and she can pet them with no fear. In fact, these scenes are very impressive, I don’t know how it was made since it doesn’t seem to be tricked in any way. There’s a possible use of trained animals but it’s still impressive the way they can be treated while maintaining the actor’s safety. Oh, and there’s an elephant too!

Nothing is convincing in this movie but it’s still a lot of fun. The bad effects are surely a part of the entertainment and there are definite turkey qualities here. There’s city destruction and that’s one of the important things. Buildings are shattered and the giant ape is attacked by choppers on top of a tall building. Recognize it?

I won’t try to grade it since it wouldn’t be just anyway I could do it, but I can say that I got a blast out of this rip off – cheezyness and all!

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