Sep 3, 2012

Review: 666: Demon Child – 2004

Cover art can be very misleading from time to time and here is a fine example of that! If you look at the DVD cover you might not get an idea of a multilevel working picture but not of a total disaster either I think. It’s a turkey using the bad sense of the word and there’s not much to make up for it either. What happens (and it’s not much) is that a mystical egg hatches and a blood thirsty demon baby comes out, which then kills all the archaeology students one by one.

Everyone is overacting quite bad and I can’t say that the monster is very well made either and now I’m being extremely kind in my judgement! Further more, the story is so uninteresting that it’s more rewarding to think about other movies or stuff you’re going to buy soon. Until the end, that we get some thing to make it worth our while. We get some background to the mythology of the film, something that we should have to wait for in the first place. But it does not last for long and soon the disappointment comes back tenfold. And then the film is… over!

There’s really not much else to say than to use the old cliché – I want one and a half hour of my life back!


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