May 26, 2014

The Raiders of Atlantis – 1983 – Cheesy and too confusing

Even though I’ve heard quite a lot about it before I wasn’t sure if it would be too cheesy or just about right for an enjoyable time. It’s been in my possession for quite some time but I haven’t gotten around watching it. It’s directed by Ruggero Deodato which makes it very interesting to say the least. His best known feature film is by no doubt Cannibal Holocaust and if you haven’t heard about any other of his movies, that one is so infamous that even those who haven’t actually seen it knows about some of the gruesome scenes in it.

In my opinion there are many more flicks directed by Deodato that’s mentionable. One of my favorites is The Barbarians Brothers starring David- and Peter Paul, two body builders with massive bodies. Just the right thing for a barbarian flick!

But this one I had not seen before. I must confess it’s quite confusing. I don’t know who is after the treasure and who is avenging who when it comes to the end of the movie. Basically there are some people trying to raise a Russian submarine. While doing that some of the radioactive material leaks out which causes a chain reaction that eventually makes the sunken island Atlantis rise to the surface. There are a couple of different gangs trying to collect the treasures and there is some gang, they might be native to Atlantis, which acts very violent.

As a whole, it’s a bit too confusing to me. And to tell the truth, I fell asleep several times when I tried to watch it. It was kind of boring. Still, there were some nice cheesy action and some costumes that should never have seen the light of day which was quite entertaining. This is not Deodatos best work. It’s quite overacted and with little to none continuity. It wasn’t my cup of tea.


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