Jul 24, 2013

Review: Brucesploitation flick - Bruce Lee fights back from the Grave - 1976

At least the cover art kicks ass!

Bruce Lee fights back from the Grave
Regi: Doo-Yong Lee

This is the worst kind o Brucesploitation there is. They haven’t even bothered to edit in scenes with Bruce Lee anywhere in the picture. What you get it is lightning hitting Bruce Lees Grave and that’s all…it’s over in like thirty seconds.

The rest of the film regards a Kung Fu instructor tracking down a few thugs which he believes has murdered his friend. He has to fight his way past each and every one of them and eventually finds the mastermind behind it all. It’s kind of a storyline you would expect from Bruce Lee so I guess they got that right. As a matter a fact I think it reminds me a bit of Way of the Dragon. Or perhaps I wanted it to remind me of something so bad I interpreted it that way.

The star of this flick is Bruce Lea, you can’t but be impressed by the innovative ways these guys try to make it seem like this is a lost flick with the genuine Bruce. This and a lot of other films that is. It’s not all terrible but I don’t think there’s a reason for anyone to watch this more than once. It’s rather pointless! I come to think of a quote from another movie – King of the Kickboxers, where the cop and hero of the movie have to watch some genuine death movies. He doesn’t realize that the actions in the movies are for real an comment them to be “like Bruce Lee movies – without Bruce!”. That’s kind of how I feel. The movie would probably have been bad with Bruce Lee in it, but now it doesn’t even have that! Avoid!


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